Wedding Home Makeover: Inexpensive but Impactful Ways to Prep for Your Big Day

September 28, 2018

Wedding Home Makeover: Inexpensive but Impactful Ways to Prep for Your Big Day


If you’re getting married close to where you live, there’s a high probability that your home is going to get some major use. Whether it’s guests staying at your home over the long weekend, using your home as a staging location for bride and groom activities and preparations, or hosting a reception and/or rehearsal dinner, your home needs to look its best. You don’t want to break the bank, however. Here’s how to make it look great without spending too much.


Make the backyard a truly usable space
If you’re hosting a reception, it’s a no-brainer that you’ll want to make the backyard a party zone. But even if you’re simply hosting guests and/or bridal party preparations for the big day, it’s nice to have some truly usable space outdoors. The best way to make this possible in any weather is to rent or buy some pop-up canopies. Review this guide to find the best options for your big day.
Increase your bathroom capacity
Whether you have a dozen friends and family members staying at your home or a huge reception planned, chances are you are going to outpace your home’s bathroom capabilities. Renting a porta potty for the outdoor area can be a huge help, and it’s inexpensive.
Prepare for crashers
No, not uninvited hooligans. We’re talking people who want to sleep at your house - friends, family and those who may have had a little too much to drink. The cheapest way to increase your home’s capacity for sleepers is also the most comfortable - air mattresses. You can find some quality air mattresses for less than $100 - and even less than $50.
Take on low-cost home improvement jobs
If you have a few weeks and a few hundred dollars to spend, you can improve the look and feel of your home. You just have to know what renovation jobs pack the biggest punch for cheap. Here are some jobs to consider:
  • Painting: an entire home can be refreshed for a couple hundred dollars in supplies. If you don’t want to tackle that much - just slap a fresh coat on your most-used rooms. Don’t forget about baseboards and trim! A little goes a long way.
  • Floral arrangements: a few cuts flower vases and/or indoor plants can dramatically alter the feel of a living space on the cheap.
  • New bedding, pillows and throws: Without these, your home simply looks like your home. But by updating the soft linens and pillows, your house takes on a new character: a place that’s suitable to host a special event.
Don’t pay full price for anything!
If you'll be having your reception or another gathering at your home before or after the big day, or if you'll be having guests sleep at your house, you'll need to look for inexpensive ways to decorate, furnish, and accommodate. Before you purchase anything, shop around for promo codes and cashback opportunities at larger retail stores where you can not only save money (or earn cash) with each purchase, you can also opt to have items shipped directly to you to save you time. Some great places to start include Bed, Bath & Beyond, and Macy’s.
Whether your home is the gathering spot, party spot, or crashing spot, it’s important that it cleans up nice for your big day. But don’t fret too much about it; there are much more important things to worry about on your wedding day than whether your home is perfect or not. Don’t break the bank. Be smart and make some strategic updates.
Written by Alice Robertson.

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