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Something special for the bride who wants a customized design process or for the bride who simply wants to find a beautiful custom gown.  Jana Sofia gowns transcend traditional wedding dress options, allowing brides the ability to have ownership in designing the most cherished garment they will ever wear -- their wedding dress.


Jana Sofia gowns are recognized for their fine attention to detail and feminine relevance. Each gown is a direct reflection of our company’s commitment to quality construction, down to each hand sewn stitch and detail. Designed with careful consideration, our gowns are elegant, delicate and full of life and a little bit of sparkle. Every Jana Sofia gown is thoughtfully cared for by our team of garment artisans who ensure each detail reflects the bride’s personality while maintaining the level of  beauty and shine that is Jana Sofia.


Welcome to the world of fur & feathers.




Jana Sofia Bridal Custom wedding gowns dresses

The designer:  Jana & Sofia

In one sentence: A photographer, mom and hopeless romantic. Jana was born and raised in a small lake side town in Europe believing in happily Ever After and the magic of Love since she was a little girl. Sofia is her Minime, her helper, her treasured 6 year old daughter who she named her very first wedding gown design after. People often ask me to describe my style. I would describe it as magical, whimsical, soft and airy…full of magic, sparkle and unicorns.

I wanted to create something unique for brides. A site where they can create their own custom gown by picking their favorite bodice, their favorite skirt style, as well as their custom beading and embellishment and combine it into the PERFECT DRESS for their big day. 

When it comes to your big day,  you shouldn't have to compromise.

When I was getting ready for my wedding, I just couldn't find the right dress and accessories. I realized that I wanted to create one gown out of 4 different dresses, and it just wasn't possible...so I decided to created my own dream dress...and this is how Jana Sofia Custom Bridal Couture was born. Now it is your turn to create the dress of your dreams!

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