At Jana Sofia Bridal Couture we are committed to ethical trade. Fur is one of the oldest fabrics known to man and one of nature’s most enduring products. At Jana Sofia Bridal we believe in sourcing fur and feathers responsibly. That is; understanding the origins of where the fur garment was made and ensuring the standards of manufacturing fit within the global ethical guidelines.

In order to minimise global waste, fur materials used in our garments are either a by-product or surplus fur. All our materials are sourced from certified farms, whereby the farm receives certification after providing documentation and proof of continued improvement following a strict international standard for environmental management. 

When we talk about by-product feathers, it is all about no wastage of the poultry industry as billions of kilograms of feathers are disposed of every year creating a serious solid waste problem in many countries. What a clever way for these by-product feathers to be subsequently used and recycled.

Our trade is no different to the Leather, Wool, Cashmere and Silk farming industries so as members of the animal use industry it is our duty and responsibility to care for the animals in a humane way and only work with suppliers and factories that share the same ethical values and responsibilities.

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